Swipe and recyce

This is one of the locations to recycle easy to indentify

Bob and I are moving swiftly. Because of the positive responses to our 10-for-1 recycling program.

We are now proposing to Tim Hortons to introduce the Bob-and-I recycling swipe card. Stay tuned, Bob and I are truly overwhelmed. Tim Hortons will become the ultimate fast food recycling leader in Canada.
Bob and I will soon announce the annual Bob- and- I fast food recycling awards to be held at Queens Park.

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Ten for One

Bob and I are working hard to implement the new take back policy at Horton’s: return 10 used cups get one coffee free. This will give you 11 cups of free coffee per 100 cups picked up on the side of the road. Friends of Horton’s start adding your numbers; 1000 cups collected 110 coffees free. You pick up 3000 cups on the side of the road you can have one cup a day for free for a whole year except on Sundays.

Bob and I the day we started the Horton recycling program

OH by the way, Bob and I have become the self appointed managers of the recycling program at Tim Horton’s and are still busy picking up cups on the side of the road.

We both are in agreement that you have to lead by example to show others that the cup salvation is near.

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Breaking News

Bob and I ,the day we started the recycling program

Breaking News.
Bob and I just got self appointed to manage the recycling program at Hortons.
Guess what we are walking up the sideroad picking up cup after cup after cup……………………………………………………………………………….

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Hello world!

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